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If you're looking for damaged, defective, reported stolen, fraud reported, blacklisted, financed, etc...and a fake attempt for quality cell phones, then this is the place for you. At first we thought...hey we can get a lot of product from these guys at descent prices.

Well, we soon learned once they hook you into the credit loophole, you can never return. After a year of working with them, we worked up a $50,000 credit with them. $50,000!!! Who in their right mind thinks it's ok for a business to work up $50,000 of credit from one customer?

I know who.... Seriously....when we order 100 devices and 40 are defective or have some sort of blacklist issue, there is a problem in your organization. Especially when we order "B" quality devices. The labor involved in the testing is an additional cost they do not care about.

Did I mention you, the customer, have to pay return shipping on the garbage they send you? Oh and the fact that if they send you the wrong item, you are responsible for the return shipping on that as well? How is this an acceptable business practice? To send back an item, you must take 2-3 photos of each item, put into power point or pdf, fill out rma sheet, send original invoice, etc....hurdle after hurdle after hurdle!

EVEN IF IT'S NOT SOMETHING YOU ORDERED! Now how much time do you think it takes to log, take pictures, upload, sort and filter, compress, type out 2-3 the forms w/imei, model #, inv #, issue, etc, etc, etc...on 40+ devices? ***, on any devices you have to return? Talk about more labor wasted by this joke of a business.

Also, beware as they will drop ship you orders from multiple sources. You will not receive all of the product you order at the same time. You will have to email constantly to figure out why items are missing, where the other pieces are, and the tracking number for each package. There have been times when we have waited over 2 weeks to receive a full order!

2 weeks! Then come to find out that they just credited your account because they did not have the item you ordered. They won't tell you anything about it either. They'll just say "oh yea, we credited the account because we ran out of stock".

Well why didn't you tell me that was the issue instead of keeping me in limbo?! Happened multiple times. Finally, after a year, we worked off our credits, took a hit on the last item, but washed our hands of this filth.

So to break it down....STAY AWAY AND FIND ANOTHER SOURCE FOR PRODUCT! Save yourself the time, effort, and headache!

Product or Service Mentioned: Duckfish Electronics Shipping Service.

Reason of review: ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!.

Preferred solution: Better business practices. Deliver on time, deliver better quality, deliver what is actually ordered, and make the customer feel like you actually want their business. .

Duckfish Electronics Pros: Selection.

Duckfish Electronics Cons: Customer service, Blacklisted, Return policy, Shipping, Quality.

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